Since 1996, FIDUCIAL has been supporting companies in Belgium through its 22 offices, where 120 staff members are at the service of companies with a multidisciplinary service offering, professionalism and reactivity.

Furthermore, through its locations in the United States, JADE FIDUCIAL has been assisting French citizens abroad since 2003. This offer was launched by 2 French accountants, both holders of a double diploma in certified public accounting as “Expert-Comptable” in France and “CPA” in the USA, who decided subsequently to join FIDUCIAL, thus benefiting from the technical and logistical support of the European leader in services for SMEs.

JADE FIDUCIAL currently has 14 offices in the United States, 2 in France and one in Brussels, with a strong will to continue the international development of the network.

JADE FIDUCIAL Belgium was created alongside FIDUCIAL Accountancy Belgium, in order to develop the assistance to French citizens already settled in Belgium or wishing to settle in Belgium.

JADE FIDUCIAL’s infrastructure and network are fully dedicated to cross-border clients, in order to fully meet their expectations and needs through a “one stop shop”.


The support offered by FIDUCIAL, leading service provider for SMEs in Europe

FIDUCIAL JADE relies on the technical and logistical support from a large firm whose corporate purpose has always been to serve SME’s by offering them a full-service package at affordable price. The further development of JADE FIDUCIAL is one of the Firm’s key organizational goals. Allowing you to carry out your projects and showing that the French and French-speaking can succeed “abroad” is also part of our philosophy!


Pourquoi choisir JADE FIDUCIAL ?

An accounting firm managed by French and Belgian accountants and tax advisors that have perfect knowledge of the French-Belgian accountancy and taxation.

As the Belgian administrative procedures are very complex both in accounting matters as in the fields of taxes and social security, as one better not leaves stones unturned, tax and social issues should be addressed with utmost seriousness. Because they perfectly know all critical aspects of these domains, our CPAs and tax advisors not only guarantee that your tax returns are compliant but also offer accurate advice in order to optimise the fiscal and social choices you make in both countries.

Our daily goal is to never make you pay more than you owe!

Un maillage territorial évolutif

A scalable territorial coverage for being as close as possible to the expats and French-speaking companies operating in Belgium or wishing to do so.

By opening new offices year after year, JADE FIDUCIAL wants to be as close as possible to you in order to provide fitted proximity services and make life easier for you! By using the latest communication tools and offering Cloud services to its clients, JADE FIDUCIAL makes the world a much smaller place and favours an easy dialogue.

Our ambition on a daily basis is to leave you as little time as possible with unanswered questions.

Our francophone staff members are committed to serving our clients with high-level care, professionalism, punctuality and friendliness.

As it is important for our clients to have a good understanding with their accountant, JADE FIDUCIAL hires French-speaking staff who mostly have relevant experience in France and master the French General Accounting Chart as well as the Belgian accounting standards. For the most complex issues, they can rely on Belgian tax experts that support the team.

We consider our relation with you as one of sharing the same concepts with you and translating complex matters or accounting technical jargon into understandable language.

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